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The 2020 ALL Sports Raffle was a great success.  

Thanks to all who participated in this years raffle

2020 Ten Gun Raffle Winners

1. Browning AB3 30.06 package with Leopold VX freedom scope -Lyle Uecker

2. Beretta A300 12 gauge -Mark Wade 

3. Kimber micro two-tone 9 mm -Connie Telloc

4. Ruger American  Go Wild 6.5 Creedmoor -Todd Lemmens

5. Smith and Wesson M&P shield 2.0 45 ACP -Marty Thompson

6. Springfield hellcat 9 mm -Patrick Trzebiatowski

7. Springfield 1911 45 Cal -Christian Doule

8. Benelli nova 12 gauge camo -Scott Grignon

9. savage Axix II .270 package -Chris Ihde

10. Remington 783 .300 package -Dan Boughton

For more information contact Kip at (920) 540-0728 or contact any Greenville Lions member

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